Angus is one of the most successful English breeds of cattle. Its black color is extremely desired after in hybridizing programs as a potential seal of Angus quality. Angus is possibly the most demonstrative breed in -cowherds; it holds a well-earned spot amongst all beef breeds. The Angus breed began in the northern regions of England. Initially, both red and black cattle were similarly selected for their high quality traits. In the second half of the 18th century, the cattle of the Aberdeen – Angus counties of Scotland were being profoundly used for the development of other regional cattle herds.


The very first Angus cattle were introduced into the U.S. in 1873. At their first community presence in the 1873 Missouri Exposition, the Angus cattle were undesirably received. Angus ranchers however were not discouraged and continued to encourage the Angus and also began to crossbreed it with the Texas Longhorn. The results were a very attractive to the community. A heavy importation of Angus cattle direct from Scotland followed, from 1878 to 1883. The American Aberdeen- Angus Breeders’ Association was founded on Nov 21, 1883. In 1950, it was renamed the American Angus Association. Today, it is the largest purebred beef registry in the world.


Angus beef is famous for its fine marbling texture and unbeatable eating qualities. The Certified Angus Beef program was the first of its class. It offers Angus beef producers a growth in the marketability of their stock straight from leading to higher premiums. For the consumer, it provides a consistent eating experience and the guarantee of knowing what one is purchasing.